Competition Guide Book

Victoria DanceWorks Festival is an annual event produced by Victoria DanceWorks Association.  Recognizing that dancers dance for different reasons and that dancers have a variety of needs and requirements, Victoria DanceWorks produces a festival with three different components.

Dancers are encouraged to choose those sections which are appropriate for them as each component has its unique purpose.  For the Galas of Dance, dancers are selected by the dance Specialists on the basis of outstanding merit.

The Victoria DanceWorks Festival Competition is a wonderful opportunity for highly motivated young dancers, particularly those interested in a career in the performing arts.  Dancers will learn from watching each other and listening to the critiques of knowledgeable dance professionals.

The dance specialist have been selected for their stellar reputations as dance educators as well as their ability to inspire and motivated.

The Competition is divided into 4  disciplines each with their own Master Class and Compeition.

1. Ballet

2. Contemporary

3. Jazz

4. Tap

In Ballet and Contemporary a winner, runner-up and 2 alternates will be selected.  In Jazz and Tap a winner and runner-up will be selected. In the event that not all dancers in the top 4 (for Ballet & Contemporary) or top 2 (in Jazz and Tap) receive qualifying marks of 85 or higher in both solo performaces, only those qualifying dancers will be selected/ announced on stage. 

Each dancer will be presented with their medallions following the final adjudication.

All participants of the Victoria DanceWorks Competition must participate in a Masterclass and perform two solos.

Note: All studios must be Business Members of Victoria DanceWorks Association.  Membership is $50.  General Fees:

  • Entry fee $135 (includes Individual Membership)

  • Second Entry (in a different discipline) $115

To register please contact Rachel Dewey, Festival Coordinator at

Sample Competition Day

9:00 – 10:30                                                      

Master Class Level One

10:30 – 12:00  

Master Class Level Two

12:00 – 1:30   

Master Class Level Three

1:30 – 2:30    


2:30 – 4:30

Competition Dance #1

4:30 – 6:30  


6:30 – 8:30  

Competition Dance #2




  • Dancers are marked and ranked.  
  • To qualify as a representative of Victoria DanceWorks at performing Arts BC the dancer must have two solo marks of at least 85.
  • No ties for top 4 placements.


Master Class


  • A mark out of 5 for attitude and work ethic.
  • A mark out of 5 for technique.


Solos – Marks    


  • 90+ Exceptional
  • 85+ Excellent
  • 80+ Very good
  • 75+ Good
  • 70+ Competent




Master Classes are closed to the public (this includes Teachers and Parents).

Solo competitions are open to the public.  To help defray expenses a small entrance fee will be charged..




  • performers may compete in all dance disciplines. However, dancers may only enter once in each discipline.  (Dancers may not compete against themselves)
  • no dance may be performed more than once
  •  Victoria DanceWorks considers the marks to be the property of the participant.  Marks will be written on the evaluation sheet and there will be no public announcement of marks.  It is at the discretion of the dancer if they wish to disclose their marks.  The marks for the Master Class and the final Aggregate mark will appear on the second evaluation sheet.  All marks will appear on the final Evaluation Sheet
  • any private conversation between performer, parent or teacher with the dance specialist will result in disqualification of the performer
  • time limit is 3 minutes, with the exception of Song & Dance, which may be up to 4 minutes in length
  • all dancers must attend a Master Class and perform two solos.  The Master class and the 1st solo must be in the same dance discipline
  • solos must be costumed
  • first dance – either ballet, contemporary, tap or jazz.  This dance should show the technical level of the dancer
  • second dance – must be in the same dance discipline (i.e. ballet, contemporary, stage) as the first but should demonstrate versatility, contrast and breadth of style.  Note: in Stage dancers are encouraged to perform in two different dance styles e.g. tap and jazz or jazz and musical theatre
  • failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification from contention in the competition.  Dancers will receive evaluations only


Policy Regarding Video Taping Of Performers


We do not allow videotaping or photography during our Performance sessions. However, It is not possible for DanceWorks to ensure that dancers are not being recorded. There will be zero tolerance for flash photography as this puts the dancer at risk.  Also no photography or recording where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, e.g. dressing rooms. DanceWorks reminds patrons of this policy at the beginning of each Performance session.


Age Categories


All ages as of January 1 of the given year.

Level One: 10 to 12 years

Level Two: 13 to 15 years

Level Three 16 to 20 years

Exception: dancers who have won 1st place at the Performing Arts BC Competition cannot compete again in the same age category. Therefore, those dancers should enter into the next highest age grouping.


Dispute Resolution


In the case of a dispute the Board of Directors will abide by the decision of the specialist.  All selections are made by the dance specialist and are final and absolute.

Dispute or complaints (other than specialist's selections) ust be made i writing by the owner of the studio attended by the performer.  The letter should be addressed to the DanceWorks board and received within 7 days of the conclusion of the Victoria DanceWorks Festival.

The Board will review the situation and respond within 30 days of receiving the letter.


Technical Information


  • lighting is preset and will remain the same for all entries
  • sets and props are optional and the sole responsibility of the performer.  Technicians or volunteers may not be available to assist in setting or removal of these items
  • sound – a CD with ONE SELECTION ONLY must be given to the DanceWorks organizer or sound technician prior to the start of the Competition
  • no live accompaniment permitted
  • CD must be accompanying sound sheet
  • poor quality sound can detract from the performance.  Please use the best quality CD and always have a back up available
  • dimensions of the Charlie White Stage are: Width 45', Depth 24', Thrust/apron: Width 45', Depth 14'
  • no use of stage curtain
  • there is no provision made for rehearsal time on the stage.  Teachers ay make their own arrangements with the theatre management if they so choose.


Information About Performing Arts BC

  • In Ballet and Contemporary the winner and runner-up will be given the option to represent Victoria DanceWorks at the performing Arts BC competition.  In Stage the winner of Tap and Jazz will be given the option of representing Victoria DanceWorks at the Performing Arts BC Competition.  The dancers are not obliged to accept, neither will their unwillingness to accept this opportunity effect their marking or placement in the Competition.
  • In Ballet and Contemporary the specialist will select one alternate for each dancer.   In the event that the first or second place dancers are unable to attend PABC the alternate will be given this opportunity.  If this dancer is unable to accept no representative will be sent.  In the case of Jazz and Tap the runner-up is the alternate.
  • It is the responsibility of the performer and teacher to inform themselves about the rules and regulations of the Performing Arts BC Association.  This information is available at
  • In order to qualify for PABC the dancer must have performed two solos at the local level and have received a mark of at least 85 in both solos. They are obliged to perform only one of these selections at the Provincial level competition.
  • Although the DW representative for PABC is selected from participants of this competition the criteria for DW does differ somewhat from that of PABC. To avoid extra work it is recommended that teachers understand the requirements of PABC and prepare dances appropriate for both competitions.  However, DW does not have many of the restrictions of PABC therefore it is possible that a winner could be selected with non-PABC confirming dances. E.g. a dancer performing two Jazz or lyrical solos, assuming they had the highest aggregate mark, could be selected as the DW winner.  Should they wish to participate at the provincial level an alternative to the second Jazz dance would need to be found, as Stage participants qualifying with either a Traditional Jazz or Lyrical Jazz solo must choose their second solo from one of the following genres:  Tap, Song and Dance, Variety, or Hip-Hop/Street Dance.  The second solo may not be another jazz solo. 
  • Please note that at PABC nominees must qualify with at least one solo from the Modern discipline at the local level, and they must perform the recommended Modern discipline solo at the provincial festival. PABC nominees must prepare and perform a second contrasting solo from the Modern discipline, and although it is not specifically stated it is expected that the contrasting solos would be comprised of one Modern Dance solo and one Contemporary solo thus giving the nominees ample opportunity to demonstrate technical ability, versatility, and artistic diversity. A Contemporary solo must have modern technique as its underlying base



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