Wendy Vernon Recognition Awards

Intent of the Program

The intent of the Wendy Vernon Recognition Award is to give dancers the opportunity to reach their highest potential by providing grants for dance related expenses because the cost of dance training can be a barrier to participation and advancement; it limits the choices for some dancers and their families.  Recipients will  benefit from financial support to cover dance-related costs such as examination fees, summer school tuition fees, master classes, conferences, audition fees, dance supplies, costumes and shoes, additional classes or choreography. The Wendy Vernon Recognition Awards is a program of the DanceWorks Board of Directors, administered by the DanceWorks Board of Directors.

Studio Participation in the Program

Grants are awarded through a dancer's own studio on the recommendation of the Studio Owner.  

To recieve a Wendy Vernon Recognition Award, studios must:

  • be located within the Capital Regional District
  • have entered 8 or more entries in the current year's DanceWorks Festival Performance
  • nominate a maximum of 2 students per year
  • provide DanceWorks with a receipt and brief description of the award recipient's activities by December 31 of the award year
  • agree to honour the spirit of the award program, which is to provide an opportunity that will make a difference in a young dancer's life and in their potential to achieve their goals in dance.  The award is not available to family members of the studio owner.

Dancers eligible to be considered for a DanceWorks Recognition Award

  • are between the ages of 10 and 20 years
  • are not related to the owner of the studio at which they are enrolled
  • are registered in the current year at the nominating dance studio and are planning to continue their training in the following year
  • have participated in the current year's Victoria DanceWorks Performance Festival
  • are nominated by their own dance studio owner.

Process and Timeline for DanceWorks Recognition Awards are Determined Annually

  • after the deadline Performance Festival entries, the eligible participating studios (those who have entered 8 entries in the Performance section of the DanceWorks Festival) are identified and funds are split equally. The nomination deadline is announced.
  • studio owners send in their nomination for the award by the nomination date. The nominee and the intended use of funds must meet the criteria detailed above.  The nomination must include the name and age of the dancer and the intended use of the funds as indicated on the form.
  • recognition of award winners will take place on stage at one of the Gala Performances
  • in order to qualify for the next years award a follow up letter/email on the studio's recipient is due by December 31 of the year in which the award is made.  The letter should provide information on the use of funds.

The Board of Directors of DanceWorks has the final responsibility for the distribution of funds.  Awards are recommended to the board by the committee of three appointed by the board, none of whom have a family member attending a participating studio.

Wendy Vernon Access Awards

Studio Submission Form

Please make sure that you have read and reviewed the guidelines for eligible studios and submissions above. If an eligible studio would like to submit more than one entry, please fill out a second form.

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