Performance FAQ

We have put together some of the most frequently asked Performance questions we hear from parents and participants. For more faqs visit Festival FAQsCompetition FAQs or Master Classes FAQs.

It is not possible for DanceWorks to ensure that dancers are not being recorded. Please note that when agreeing to perform, dancers are accepting this reality. There will, however, be zero tolerance for flash photography as this puts the dancer at risk. Also no photography or recording where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, eg. dressing rooms.

Is there an admission charge to view the Performance?
Yes, a donation of $7 is payable at the door
I’ve never been to the Festival before. What can I expect to see?
After each group of 5 to 7 performances the dance professional will come to the stage to share their thoughts and ideas. These assessments are very interesting and informative for everyone who loves dance.
The audience is welcome at any time throughout the session. There is always a few minutes between each performance when one may enter the auditorium.
If you have come to see a particular performer always come at least half an hour before the posted time. In spite of detailed scheduling it is the nature of festivals that last minute changes do occur. That’s why we ask the dancers to be ready to perform up to half and hour before their posted time.
My dance is hard to define. It is a mixture of dance styles. Can I still perform it in the DanceWorks Festival?
Absolutely! In the DanceWorks Festival we welcome and encourage unique and creative work. You will need to decide on which Dance Specialist you want to access your work. Sometimes dancers like to perform for more then one specialist and that’s okay too.

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