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Victoria DanceWorks Festival is an annual event produced by Victoria DanceWorks Association.

Recognizing that dancers dance for different reasons, and that dancers have a variety of needs and requirements, Victoria DanceWorks produces a festival with three different components.

Dancers are encouraged to choose those sections which are appropriate for them as each component has its unique purpose. For the Galas of Dance dancers are selected by the Dance Specialists on the basis of outstanding merit.

The Victoria DanceWorks Festival Dance in Performance provides a collaborative, cooperative learning and performance opportunity in a festival setting. The personal growth and development of each individual is paramount.

Each performance is evaluated on its own merits, eliminating the need for rules and regulations that may hamper or restrict creative process.

We encourage entries to include: young dancers performing with experienced performers, dance styles crossing boundaries, life-long learning displayed by adults. Dance in Performance is open to all ages and abilities.

Independent entries allow for participation by any dancer without studio endorsement.

Generous scheduling allows time for in-depth critiquing from knowledgeable dance specialists.

The Dance in Performance section is divided into Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theartre and Street dance styles, each with its own dance specialist.

Entrants are free to choose which style of dance they prefer.

Entrants may choose to perform for more than one specialist.

A special designation for Young Choreographers and Teachers encourages first time teachers and creators to try their hand at preparing new works in a supportive and nurturing environment. These entries are considered solo entries regardless of the size of group. It is hoped that this will encourage young teachers and creators to participate and also recognizes that it is the creator that is being assessed.


You must register on line. Please contact Rachel Dewey at to obtain your password to register.

Entry is not complete until full payment is received.

Deadline:all entries must be submitted on or before Jan. 15th of given year.


Solo – $45

Duo or Trio – $50

Group 4+ Dancers – $20 per dancer

Studio Membership $50


Teachers: The critique is not limited to but may include such observations as: appropriateness of the music selection, and the suitability of the technical requirements for the dancers. Was the level of preparation adequate and the selection unique and innovative? Was there a sense of enjoyment on the part of the dancers? Costuming is optional, but grooming is part of the assessment.

Choreographers: The assessment will include creative use of dancers, interesting floor pattern, appropriateness of music. The work should display creativity and originality. Written notes are not required.


Prior to the opening of the Festival each studio/school will receive the passes they have requested. It is the responsibility of the studio/school to ensure that their performers and teachers each have a pass. This pass will entitle all performers to enter the theatre during the Festival and have a seat at the Galas of Dance.


Festival programming does not allow for rehearsal time on the stage. A template of the stage and its dimensions are available on the Victoria DanceWorks web site. Performers are encouraged to mark out the stage with tape on their reharsal surface in order that they feel totally comfortable with the stage dimensions. (Note:no longer will performers be permitted use of the stage prior to the start of a session.)

Teachers are free to make their own arrangements for rehearsals by contacting the theatre management directly.


The Dance Specialist chooses all selections for the Victoria DanceWorks Galas of Dance. Although preference will be shown to groups, solos may be selected if, in the opinion of the specialist, the performer is so outstanding that he or she cannot be overlooked.


All awards are selected by the Dance Specialists following specific criteria. A list of the criteria is available on the Victoria DanceWorks website. Awards and trophies are presented at the Victoria DanceWorks Gala Evening of Dance.


Lighting is preset and will remain the same for all entries.
Sets and props are optional and the sole responsibility of the performer. Technicians or Volunteers may not be available to assist in setting or removal of these items.
Sound – a CD with ONE SELECTION ONLY must be given to the DanceWorks organizer or sound technician prior to the start of each session.
CD must have accompanying sound sheet.
Always have a back-up CD available.
Dimensions of the Charlie White stage are: Width 45' x Depth 24' plus Thrust/Apron width 45' x Depth 14'.
No use of stage curtain.
Accompaniment may be live or taped. Live accompaniment is permitted only if it is portable and provided by the musician (e.g. flute or violin). No piano or technical assistance is available.
It is expected that the participants will leave the theatre in the same condition in which they found it. Any extraordinary mess resulting in additional cleanup costs will be passed on to those responsible.

To deal with disagreements other than Dance Specialist decisions, the process is as follows: A letter is to be submitted to the Board of Directors of Victoria DanceWorks within seven days of the conclusion of the Festival.

The Board will review the situation and respond within 30 days of the complaint.

For information contact the Victoria DanceWorks Festival Director at


FEES: With Performance entry $27, at the door $33

Classes reflect the strengths of the dance specialist in any given year therefore dance styles may vary from year to year. Classes are in the following dance disciplines: ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz, musical theatre and street.

It is highly recommended that a dancer participating in the festival attend these classes for a complete festival experience.

These classes are open to all dancers; performance is not a prerequisite.

Age of dancer determines the level of class (this may vary slightly from year to year):

Level One: 10 to 12 years
Level Two: 13 to 15 years
Level Three: 16 years and up
The specialist is at liberty to move the candidate if he/she feels the student may benefit from a different placement, space permitting.

Registration and payment must be received to guarantee a place. Participants may register on the day for an additional $6, space permitting.

Master Classes are closed to the public (this includes teachers and parents).

For further information contact the Victoria DanceWorks Festival Coordinator at

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